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Tips How to Clean a Baby Crib

The most vital piece of baby furniture is that the baby crib, that your baby can use from birth till around fifteen months. And as babies sleep most of the time throughout this age and, hence, use the crib most of the time, it's solely logical that it should be kept clean in the least times. After all, you would like to stay your baby as safe as attainable from grime, germs and dirt mites.

Fortunately, keeping your baby's crib clean could be a terribly straightforward task to try and do. this is often excellent news since you'll pay longer together with your baby rather than worrying a couple of tough task ahead.

Crib Beddings

Your baby can would like crib beddings like mattresses, blankets, sheets, bumper and quilts. These are necessary to stay your baby heat, offer a firm sleeping surface and simply typically build him look cute. (A word of caution: you need to make sure that unnecessary beddings are taken out of the crib when your baby is sleeping or is left alone lest SIDS becomes a daunting possibility)

To clean crib beddings, you need to follow the manufacturers' laundry directions. If the directions say hand wash them, then never place them into the washer. If it says use heat water and gentle detergent, then do so. Besides, you are doing not wish your baby's skin to be exposed to sturdy detergents, which can cause severe allergies on his sensitive skin.

It is additionally vital to separate them from different garments since you would like to avoid contamination particularly from underwear. Keep in mind that underwear bears traces of the E.coli bacteria from residual feces.

As for the mattress, continuously air them a minimum of once every week below the sun. this could kill the dirt mites that are gathering in it, with a hand vacuum sucking out the dirt.

Crib Pillows

Your baby may additionally have would like of baby pillows. If this is often the case, you need to make sure that said pillows are washed in an exceedingly gentle detergent and water answer on a monthly basis. To do so, simply fill an oversized basin with heat water and blend in an exceedingly gentle detergent answer. Soak the pillow one little section at a time and rub gently till the complete pillow becomes clean. Now, gently pat the surplus detergent and rinse a couple of times in clean water. Place below the sun to dry and switch it frequently to permit for even drying.

You may additionally use the dryer for this purpose though you'll ought to fluff the pillow additional attributable to the twists. Also, if your baby is allergic to feather pillows, a foam pillow could be a smart possibility though you need to bear in mind to not let him sleep with it since suffocation could be a risk.

Crib parts

As for the metal, plastic and wood parts of the crib itself, you need to wipe it with a clean cloth and a light disinfectant. you furthermore may got to vacuum the crib a minimum of once every week simply therefore dirt and dirt mites living within the areas between slants and railing will be removed.

Cleaning the crib is additionally a chance to see for any defect, loose half and missing parts that will create safety risks to your baby. you would like to form positive that not solely is your baby sleeping on a clean crib however he's additionally sleeping on a secure one.

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Find best baby bedding for your newborn

Proper baby bedding is crucial to the health and well-being of your newborn. Finding the proper bedding set for your kid doesn’t ought to be troublesome or expensive. On average, a newborn baby sleeps for regarding sixteen to eighteen hours on a daily basis. With a baby spending such a lot time sleeping, we'd like to produce the most effective comfort for him or her. When you have fed your baby and rocked her to sleep, you would like to make certain you'll place her down for her nap within the best baby bedding on the market. Baby bedding can be totally different for a boy or a woman. they may be gender neutral also. the colour combination and also the cute wanting cartoons are common to each the gender. it's necessary that you simply apprehend which kind of bed you may be most comfy having your newborn to sleep in as a result of there are differing kinds of beddings. every style of bedding is specifically created for an exact style of bed. Babies have to be compelled to feel comfort and frequently that's in their mothers arms. Mothers, however, cannot hold their youngsters all the time, thus make sure that your baby includes a nice bed with soft blankets. offer your kid with the comfort that they have.

Create an ideal surroundings for your very little bundle of joy with the baby bedding sets. on-line you'll notice styles from the highest designers within the market, as well as JoJo styles, CoCaLo, Glenna Jean, Pam Grace Creations, Trend Lab, Sweet Potato, Cotton Tale styles, and more. whether or not you're yearning for a a lot of ancient or up to date look, you’ll notice it with one amongst our baby bedding collections.
Baby crib is right bed till the baby is one or one and a [*fr1] years previous. Cribs are of the many differing kinds, however all of them have to be compelled to be robust and sturdy. you may select a customary crib, or choose a costlier one like a convertible or transportable crib which might be ideal for traveling. it's best to invariably select a crib from a reputable company.

Baby mattress is one amongst the foremost necessary aspects of baby bedding and on that the infant are sleeping. Most baby mattresses are created in standardized sizes, thus it’s not really troublesome to seek out one to properly suit your baby’s crib. Taking some basic measurements of the crib’s interior ought to offer you with the knowledge you wish to seek out the proper size. A properly fitted mattress ought to show no obvious gaps between it and also the crib rails. A soft mattress appears like a decent plan, however they will cause issues for infants who lack the physical strength to maneuver when sunk into the mattress. Mattresses for baby bedding are on the market in 2 basic styles, foam or spring-coil. Foam mattresses tend to be less costly, however are simply as safe and reliable as a coil version. If you are doing like better to associate with a coil style, make certain to ascertain the quantity of coils within the mattress. Higher coil numbers mean a firmer mattress.

Baby blankets are often one amongst the foremost comforting things your baby can ever own — and he or she is also hooked up to it for a protracted time! make certain you select the most effective baby blanket for your baby, because it might become her security blanket. you may each apprehend when you have found the proper baby blanket and crib sheets. they're going to be the baby bedding that's made from soft cotton, as soft as your baby's skin.

Baby sheet is another necessary a part of baby bedding. Fitted sheets are by so much the most effective choice for a baby crib. A properly fitted sheet can hug the mattress snugly enough on not permit it to return off because the kid moves regarding. This helps make sure that the kid doesn't become entangled within the sheets whereas sleeping or enjoying, thereby avoiding a potential hazardous scenario. Baby sheets are often purchased from varied sources, each on-line and regionally, and may be found to match your wants.
Where to start?

Start by viewing the photographs in those pregnancy magazines you have been reading since the day you acknowledged you were expecting a baby. Then take a glance on-line. By browsing around on the web, you'll get a decent plan of what you need and also the sets which will meet your precise wants. you will be overwhelmed by the quantity of patterns and designs that may be found on the web simply by typing in baby crib bedding or baby bedding into your favorite search engine. Once you have got a concept of the categories of patterns on the market, take a field trip to the closest massive baby retailer in your space. there is nothing like seeing one thing face to face.

Baby Crib - The importance and use of baby Crib, Baby Crib bedding and Baby Crib Mattress for your new born

Babies pay the foremost of their 1st year sleeping and this is often the rationale why oldsters pay a substantial quantity of your time making an attempt to seek out them the proper crib.

There are many issues for purchasing a crib and most couples have completely different priorities. whereas the look, color and material of the crib is also a crucial thought, the protection of the crib is even a lot of vital.

Baby Cribs

Cribs are out there in varied completely different shapes, sizes, styles and colours. Most of the cribs are designed in lightweight colours, with bright upholstery and baby crib bedding. it's been found that babies develop their cognitive skills faster when surrounded by varied shades of various colours. Therefore, most of the baby product are coloured brightly in order that except for increasing their cognitive skills, their nursery too assumes a bright and cheerful look.

A baby crib is often product of wood or metal and might be foldable too. Today, there are varied differing kinds of cribs out there within the market, right from the sleigh sort cribs to the spherical or the rocking sort cribs. However, the fabric is nearly perpetually fastidiously chosen in order that it's non toxic and doesn’t damage the kid in any means.
A baby crib typically conjointly comes fitted with a baby crib bedding that ought to be well fitting and cushty. Loose or an outsized bedding will cause the baby to urge caught in it and thus these accidents are best avoided by employing a sensible quality baby mattress which inserts well within the baby crib.

Importance of Baby Crib bedding

It is conjointly vital for the crib and also the bedding to be approved by a national or a world agency to blame for maintaining the standards for such product. each baby cribs and baby crib mattresses are out there in many various materials. Though several of the mattresses product of artificial fibers could seem terribly stunning, it's suggested that you just obtain solely those mattresses that are product of natural fibers. Natural fibers are non toxic and don't cause any rashes on the baby’s delicate skin. a similar but, can not be said for the artificial materials. The dyes and colours utilized in the mattresses and bedding ought to be non toxic. Check them well before you get them.

Round cribs are the foremost most well-liked lately. These also are counseled as a result of safety nets and crib tents are often simply put in on these cribs. These safety nets forestall the baby from falling off the crib and obtaining hurt.

Disney Crib Bedding - Some Safeguards to contemplate

When it involves folks decorating atiny low child's area they'll realize that going for a specific theme would be best. usually the foremost in style themes that youngsters can like are people who incorporate specific cartoon or film characters that they like. it's for this reason alone that Disney crib bedding is proving the foremost in style of all of them.

As there are such a big amount of totally different sorts of bedding sets offered that incorporate Disney characters on them. Finding one that a specific kid likes could prove terribly tough for fogeys. thus it'd be far more advisable for them to really enable their kid to settle on the one they need.

Although there are many various corporations around who produce crib bedding adorned with Disney characters you would like to use caution. sadly there are some unscrupulous individuals around who favor to turn out inferior quality merchandise however can raise you to pay an equivalent worth for the initial item. thus it's vital that you just do some careful analysis into the merchandise in question before investing any cash within the item.

Look careful at the materials employed in the creation of those things and ideally choose ones made up of cotton or different natural materials. Not solely can these then retain the colours far better in spite of what number times you wash them. however {they can|they're going to|they'll} additionally make sure that every night your kid will get an honest night's sleep as they realize them snug and soft to the bit.

If you're desiring to purchase things on-line then do some analysis into the vendor beforehand. hunt for any reviews or testimonials that previous customers have provided relating to the extent service that they need provided at the side of the standard of the merchandise. If you can't realize something or the data provided appears to a small degree lax look elsewhere to form your purchases.

Another issue you want to use caution of when shopping for any things on-line together with Disney crib bedding is how the private data you offer is kept secure. to make sure that this data will not be accessed by others to use for his or her own functions investigate if it's encrypted before being sent to them. The quickest and simplest way of determining the protection of a website is by seeing if they need a locked padlock on the page where the private information is to be entered.

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Organic Crib Mattress

Organic Crib Mattress - edges
A mattress is one among the foremost important things you'll purchase after you expect a brand new baby. Why? First, your new baby can undoubtedly pay over seventieth of their time sleeping in their crib. All new folks need the simplest for his or her babies, and a cushty and safe mattress is not any exception.

Many people are getting attentive to the importance of avoiding merchandise that are created while not the employment of harmful toxins and different materials that are harmful to us and therefore the setting, and since we have a tendency to pay most of our time in bed, this has special importance to our babies.

Therefore buying an mattress for your baby has several health edges. whereas we'll investigate these, let's initially investigate some attainable issues with the crib mattresses that are the quality for years.

Traditional Mattresses - the issues
Mattresses are created primarily in an unchanged manner for years. to shield the skin of the mattress against the doubtless diaper spill event, these mattresses are encased with a impervious vinyl covering. The soft inner fiber used to stuff the mattress appearance surprisingly kind of like the insulation that's used to fill our home ceiling and wall cavities. though this makes for a moisture-proof mattress and one that's comfy, there are toxins utilized in the chemicals used to form the stuffing fire-proof.

These chemicals that are utilized in these ancient mattresses are probably terribly unhealthy to our babies. Chemicals that are utilized in these typical mattresses off-gas and therefore the babies breath these gasses whereas they're sleeping. Phosphorus, antimony and arsenic are a number of the chemicals that are utilized in the manufacture of the everyday crib mattress. whereas there is not actual proof that the employment of those chemicals in these mattresses is expounded to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), what's known is that when chemicals were initially added to crib mattresses, the incidents of SIDS rose dramatically.

While the chemicals used for the filling are dangerous enough, the moisture-proof vinyl covering has numerous potential health hazards similarly. per the FDA, the vinyl that has been utilized in the moisture-proof outer layer has been known to cause hypersensitive reactions in several humans. Another issue with the moisture-proof vinyl outer layer is that this material doesn't breath and restricts air flow. after you take into account that in conjunction with the chemicals used within the standard crib mattress it gets pretty scary. despite the fact that the vinyl outer layer is moisture-proof, these chemicals will still leach through it and your baby will breath the gasses whereas within the crib. the nice news is that an organic crib mattress offers a secure and healthy choice.

The Organic Crib Mattress
Nowadays most mattress makers claim to possess mattress choices, and for the foremost half, all of them do. However, they largely use slightly totally different outer layer and filling materials. Since there are several safe and healthy choices out there nowadays, perceive that you just don't seem to be longing for only 1 choice when buying an organic mattress. Some things you need to explore for in an organic mattress include:

The use of 100 percent organic cotton and wool - each within the filling and therefore the outer layer of the crib. There don't seem to be any herbicides or pesticides used on organically grown cotton crops.

The fire retardants that are utilized in organic mattresses are organic.
As we have a tendency to mentioned before, the chemicals that are utilized in ancient mattresses, to shield against fireplace will have serious health effects. In-crib fireplace barriers are needed per governmental rules. Organic fireplace retardants like baking soda, hydrated silica, cellulose fiber and wool, that could be a natural fireplace retardant, are a number of the merchandise you ought to explore for. These are all natural alternatives that will meet the hearth protection demand of crib mattresses.

The Use of Recycled Materials.
Some mattress makers actually, manufacture use of recycled materials within the production of their merchandise. a corporation known as Pixel Organics uses recycled plastic bottles in their mattresses. These eco-friendly strategies are a good manner for a manufacturer to produce an environmentally-friendly product to the buyer.

Where you'll notice One
Nearly each crib mattress manufacturer currently offers an organic crib mattress choice. The one you choose on can rely largely on your budget. Expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $600 for an organic crib mattress. simply take care to try to to your analysis, and procure assurances that each one organic materials are utilized in its manufacture. In your seek for an organic crib mattress, take care to use the materials contained herein as a decent starting purpose.

Selecting the simplest Organic Crib Mattress

Since each mother needs the simplest for her new baby, it's solely natural to need an organic crib mattress to create positive the simplest nights rest for the insufficient one. In recent years additional mothers have turned to natural merchandise to grant their babies the simplest begin in life and there's no exception when it involves what the baby sleeps on.

Many makers use pesticides on the cotton. In fact, this crop is that the most heavily treated. a number of the pesticides used on cotton contain human carcinogens. the hearth barrier that's needed per safety standards additionally has substances that are harmful to the atmosphere and to folks.

These reasons build using natural merchandise an easy selection. One is ready to induce a mattress made up of recycled and organic materials which will be higher for baby and for the atmosphere. There are many things to seem for when one needs to make and eco friendly bed for baby.

The cover is incredibly vital. it's in as regards to the baby's skin. the duvet ought to be 100% organic. the fabric used for the hearth barrier ought to additionally contain no chemicals. Wool may be a eco-friendly and fire-retardant which is why it's currently being employed in production of bedding and alternative homeware.

For spring mattresses, check the recycled content of the steel. regionally manufactured merchandise travel for a shorter distance to the buyer, leading to less carbon emissions and a additional eco-friendly product.

By beginning the search early within the pregnancy, one is ready to require advantage of nice offers. Some on-line stores can supply free shipping, which can enable one to maximise on savings. Some oldsters might favor to purchase personally, so they're ready to check the organic crib mattress. Since no specific agency certifies merchandise as organic, makers have it done independently. One ought to look out for the words 100% organic.

How To buy An Organic Crib Mattress

When buying an organic crib mattress, make sure that you check for the specified firmness. many mattresses can in all probability utilize substandard quality materials or refrain from using the fiber from coconut, which might cut back the mattresses sturdiness. further loose space is additionally a lot of possible to form issues like back pain for your baby.

In addition make sure that the covering on the mattress is made from water-proof organic material. the foremost helpful crib mattress has each these options. several corporations can provide guarantees that they manufacture the highest organic beds, however it's best to conduct your analysis to verify these claims. a lot of usually than not, the producers use materials that are however the cheaper different to organic material.

You can realize a high-quality organic mattress for your baby crib for anywhere from $250 to $300. However, albeit you're unable to seek out mattress during this specific worth vary you'll be able to continuously conduct your analysis to get the simplest deals.

In the event that the worth of the mattress is very high then examine the raw material included. The vital issue to stay in mind when buying this product is to make sure that you just have gotten worth for cash. So, take your time to try to to your homework if you do not wish to finish up as a scapegoat.

An additional issue to require into consideration when looking would be to create call on whether or not you like the froth or coil mattress. the froth mattresses for cribs are typically less costly. The good thing about using this sort of mattress is that they have a tendency to be light-weight and can be convenient to hold. Where the coil bedding worries continuously bear in mind that this purchase is for the baby. owing to the very fact that increased variety of coils can build the bed appears firmer because the baby grows. the froth mattress can in all probability offer your baby with comfort since the strength are equally distributed. As a result it's possible that it will become a lot of solid or loose at some purpose.

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A Few Recommendations About Getting Used Cribs

Baby baby cribs can be be extremely costly depending on style that you’re checking out . Since the baby will only utilize it for a year or perhaps two it might not necessarily possibly be worthwhile to buy . Some people just simply can’t afford that cost so many people seek out used baby cribs . You want to make sure you actually will be acquiring something really safe . Some older designs of baby cribs might have lead paint on them that may be unsafe to kids . Make certain the actual space in between the panels isn’t going to be a threat for them either .

Don’t assume all used baby cribs available though are usually older so don’t allow that to get the better of you . Several moms and dads would like to get eliminate them immediately after their youngster changes right into a child bed . This might be their last newborn or perhaps they just don’t have anyplace to store it . You can find a used crib that is in exceptional condition from rummage sales, consignment stores, as well as next hand retailers . It’s also possible to try looking in the paper for such items for sale.

Chances are you could have a buddy or perhaps member of the family that has a used crib in a storage area that they may share with you, lend to you, or offer for sale to you . This is often a good method in order to obtain the crib you will need for a cost you can afford . It’s a very good strategy to visit online and glance at the basic safety score for just about any used crib . That way you’ll be able to discover if it’s appropriate for your child . Sign-up on-line for information to be delivered to you concerning just about any recalls for the item at the same time .

It is a wonderful thought to check out used baby cribs at the beginning of having a baby . In this way if you learn any kind of portions are absent you possibly can make contact with the manufacturer to get all of them prior to your child is delivered . Additionally , you will have enough time to sand down the actual used crib and paint it if you’d like to . Being ready for the actual baby along with the baby’s crib is significant as they quite simply will require it as soon as they get home .

Often you should purchase a baby crib bedding though when you obtain a used crib . This is because the mattress which was inside it is usually shifted to the actual child bed for the child . Nearly all moms and dads will likely be making use of it . You can purchase a completely new mattress for the crib while for around $30 which means you will not likely have to spend much income.

It’s not nice (or good for the baby) to fool Mother Nature

I’ll admit: I’ve been out of the baby-making business a good while now.

Which means I’ve not kept up with all the new products and trends that fill department store aisles and the pages of Parenting magazine.

Just the flip-flopping alone on the correct way to lay a baby in a crib has my head spinning.

And here’s a trend that’s really caught me off guard: At some point, expectant parents — and their ob-gyns — became so arrogant they decided they knew more than Mother Nature.

For the past few years, an increasing number of moms and dads, too impatient or too inconvenienced, are scheduling the births of their babies before the actual due dates. At Naperville’s Edward Hospital, according to a spokesman, the number of elective deliveries before 39 weeks has gone up dramatically over the last 10 years.

My initial response to this news is pained: Who’d want to go under the knife unless you absolutely had to?

I count myself among the fortunate: I was able deliver all six kids without surgeries. In fact, I never really understood what a Caesarean was all about until I watched on video the birth of my first grandchild via an emergency C-section. Seasoned mom that I am, my mouth was agape as I witnessed all my daughter-in-law went through in order to bring this babe into the world.

Vaginal births are no walk in the park, either, but the fact some women would actually choose to go through a major operation both confounds and disturbs me.

And hearing some of the reasons only adds to my perplexed state of mind. They include:

Because hubby has an important out-of-town business trip.

Because they want the tax break (before Jan. 1).

Because the due date falls when their favorite obstetrician will be vacationing in sunny Acapulco.

And my all-time favorite: Because the little woman is tired of being pregnant.

The good news is Edward Hospital is joining forces with the March of Dimes in a pilot program that will ban elective deliveries before 39 weeks of pregnancy. Research, as it turns out, reveals it’s simply not in a baby’s best interest to arrive too early.

Like we needed a bunch of data to tell us that?

There can be, of course, solid reasons for these scheduled early deliveries; most notably, when the health of mom or child is in peril. Still compelling but more questionable: Dad being shipped off to Afghanistan (as opposed to a business conference in San Francisco).

Call me unpatriotic, but even If I’m going off to fight a war, I’d prefer to miss the birth of my child entirely than cheat my kid out of a chance for the very best start in life the little tyke could possibly have.

There are plenty of reasons those glass cribs of our hospitals’ neonatal units are filled. Babies have a habit of arriving when they darn well want to. In most cases, there’s no reason — except selfish ones — that mom or dad should help put them there.

Kudos to Edward Hospital and the March of Dimes for taking this stand. Hopefully, unnecessary early deliveries will go the way of drop-side cribs.

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New crib guidelines part of ABC's for resting babies

JOPLIN, Mo. — Making sure your baby is getting a good night’s sleep is as easy as ABC to Kathy Cowley.

“Babies should always sleep alone, on their backs, and in a crib,” said Cowley, manager of the birthing center at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin.

While A and B fall primarily to parents, a federal agency has recently taken steps to regulate C. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission last month approved new federal standards for baby cribs that will prohibit the manufacture and sale of drop-side cribs.

The standards will increase testing of cribs’ durability, mattress support strength and hardware such as slat strength. According to consumers groups, they will also improve warnings and labels on cribs to make parents aware of when a crib has been wrongly assembled and when to stop using a crib.

Citing concerns over safety, the commission has recalled more than 11 million cribs since 2007. The commission has also associated at least 32 infant suffocation and strangulation deaths since 2000 to cribs with detaching drop-side rails, with additional deaths resulting from faulty or defective hardware.

The move has been applauded by consumer and safety groups.

“The lack of durability of recently produced cribs is appalling and has put many babies at risk,” said Don Mays, senior director of product safety and technical policy for Consumers Union and its Consumer Reports publication, in a release. “These new regulations will ensure safe sleep environments by raising the bar for the safety and quality of cribs.”

Beginning in June, all cribs manufactured, sold or leased in the United States must comply with the new federal standards. Within two years, child care businesses and hotels must also be in compliance.

Individuals continuing to use old drop-side cribs privately in their homes may continue to do so, but they won’t be able to sell them under the new regulations.

As drop-side cribs fade, there are still guidelines parents should keep in mind when crib-shopping. Look for cribs with slats that are close together. If the opening between slats is wider than 2 3/8 inches, roughly the width of a soda can, then they’re too far apart, Cowley said.

She also said parents should check whether the crib’s paint is lead-based, as can sometimes be the case if it is manufactured outside the United States.

“Otherwise, I think it’s up to you what you’re looking for,” she said.

Dean Lasseter, a pediatrician with Freeman Health System, said parents should take care when choosing a crib for their child.

“Thirty deaths (associated with drop-side cribs), it’s a small number compared to the number of babies who die in car accidents, the number of babies who die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), but it’s there, and it’s preventable,” he said. “I would select that crib really carefully and not take a chance I don’t need to.”

Once you have a crib, the only items that belong in it are a good mattress with fitted sheets, a blanket and your baby, Cowley said. To lower the baby’s risk of suffocation, avoid decorating the crib with heavy blankets, crib bumpers or pads, pillows and stuffed animals, she said.

“They’re very cute, they’re very nice, but they’re not safe,” she said.

Lasseter said parents shouldn’t be tempted by sleeping with their child, who belongs in a crib or a bassinet. Babies otherwise risk falling off the bed, getting stuck between the mattress and the wall, breathing in the same pocket of air, or being crushed by their parents, he said.

“Never put the baby in bed with the parents,” he said. “The risk for SIDS skyrockets. It’s the most dangerous thing parents can do to their baby.”

Other tips for parents to help their newborn sleep, and possibly reduce the risk of SIDS, include:

~ Place the baby on his or her back, Cowley said. Parents who worry about the child choking should have little cause for concern because babies will instinctively turn their face to the side if they spit up, she said.

~ Develop a bedtime schedule, if possible. “If the parents have a routine, and they can get the baby into the routine, that’s going to help enormously,” Lasseter said.

~ Keep a fan in the room. Circulating the air could help reduce the risk of SIDS and can provide “white noise” to help your baby sleep, Lasseter said.

~ Swaddle the baby, which gives him or her a sense of comfort and closeness, he said.

~ Keep the room temperature at a comfortable level and don’t overdress the baby at nighttime.

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