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Get The Right Babies crib bedding I Baby Crib Bedding

What Mattress Should I Choose For My Baby? Innerspring Or Foam Mattress?

Because of the increasing popularity of foam mattress, parents might think that this is the best crib mattress for their baby. After all, we are living in the foam technology era. You have a lot of options such as latex and memory foam mattress. These are integrated with cutting-edge foam technology that allows it to conform to the body's contours and provide better support while redistributing body weight and lessening pressure points.

But then most of us grew up sleeping on an innerspring mattress and we didn't really experience many problems about it. What many parents fear nowadays is the condition called SIDS or Sudden Infant Death. This is a condition wherein the baby suddenly dies in their sleep for no reason at all. Many experts say that the mattress they are using might be too soft to offer the support their body needs. Others say it is the suffocating crib that triggers this condition.

Since the real cause has not yet been identified, it is our duty to look for a mattress that will totally prevent this problem from arising. This is why more and more parents opt for foam mattresses. These beds provide better support to the back to reduce not only pressure sores but also the likelihood of suffocation. However, memory foams contain chemical ingredients that may pose a threat to your baby's life when they continuously inhale its chemical fumes. Latex is a much better substitute because it is a natural ingredient. Its main ingredient is rubber tree extract.

We should not completely disregard innerspring mattress either. The key there is to find the right innerspring bed with the correct number of coils. Go for those brands of mattresses with only 150 coil count. This is just the right number of coil that will provide a semi-firm mattress comfort to your baby. Popular brands such as Sealy, Simmons, Serta and Colgate produce mattresses like this.

When you are choosing, always consider the best for your baby. Make sure it does not contain harmful chemicals that they might inhale as they sleep. The mattress should also provide semi-firm or firm comfort level for better support. These mattresses should also be converted into a toddler bed so you won't have to buy another one when your baby grows older. Also consider your budget. If you are under a strict budget, you might find yourself buying innerspring mattresses. But if you are ready for a splurge (or an investment), you might want to consider an organic foam mattress.

A Sealy Mattress, Serta Mattress Or Simmons Mattress - Which Model Should You Choose?

Sealy, Serta, and Simmons mattress company provide a variety of mattress models that offer the consumer a wide range of products, styles, components, and prices from which to choose. There are a variety of innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, toppers, pads, and latex foam made specifically to provide complete comfort and a more restful night.

Sealy has been in business over 125 years and is considered one of the leaders in providing the quality Sealy mattress, toppers, and pads that provide a good night's sleep. Sealy is known for the Posturepedic, TrueForm, and PurEmbrace styles of mattresses, and provides the following products:

The Sealy Posturepedic is one of the most well-known names in the bedding industry, because it helps control pressure points that otherwise make the sleeper turn and move throughout the night while trying to find a comfortable arrangement.

This Sealy mattress offers choices of innerspring, innerspring with memory foam, and innerspring with memory foam and latex; all in a wide variety of prices from least to most expensive. They are available in all standard bed sizes, and comfort choices ranging from firm to ultra soft and plush.

These are engineered to provide pressure relief in specific zones that require a greater level of support, such as the hips, with more memory foam around the head, shoulders, and knees.

The Sealy TrueForm provides a combination of memory foam with the traditional Posturepedic mattresses.

The TrueForm is made of advanced technology materials that are temperature-sensitive ensuring the consumer is not to hot or too cool.

The advanced engineered core helps distribute weight evenly across the entire mattress.

The Sealy PurEmbrace is an advanced sleep system due to the technology of "smart Latex" ensuring pressure assistance eliminating the flipping and rotating required getting comfortable on other types of mattresses.

Another well-known manufacturer of mattresses for over 75 years is Serta. Serta mattress provides a variety of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses, in their Perfect Sleeper and Vera Wang collections, as identified in the following:

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is their leading, and most well-known mattress. This Serta mattress offers a great night's sleep by providing the following features:

The Comfort quilt aids in decreasing tossing and turning throughout the night; providing support evenly all the way to the perimeter of the bed.

The Continuous Support Innerspring technology provides good support for proper alignment of the spine and hips. Advanced breathable comfort provides a mattress that doesn't heat up with the body temperature.

Serta offers a variety of Specialty mattresses, such as the Vera Wang Specialty Collection providing an all-foam mattress utilizing latex and visco-elastic memory foam.

Simmons mattress is yet another famous company that has been providing mattresses and sleep systems for over 135 years. The Simmons mattress line includes Beautyrest and Natural Care styles of mattresses, and includes the following characteristics:

The Classic Beautyrest comes in a firm, plush, or pillow top model. This line provides motion control and comfortable support all the way to the edge of the bed, and is a durable mattress that does not require flipping.

The Beautyrest also comes in a World Class model that has a higher density coil unit providing even greater motion control. The World Class model is constructed of visco memory foam, latex form, or a combination that also aids in temperature control, providing a cooler night's sleep.

The Natural Care is a latex foam mattress made from environmentally biodegradable natural rubber-tree-based latex enhanced with soy. The Natural Care is comfortable and provides a great level of support for correct spinal alignment as well as appropriate support for the hips and shoulders. A good choice for consumers suffering with allergies, it is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

So, for consumer's seeking a good night's sleep, there are a variety of solutions available. The popular models listed above are all good choices. The key is to match the right model to your very individual sleep preferences.

by : David Patric

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Construction Crib Bedding Sets For Boys

Are you looking for the perfect bedding set for a little boy? There are many factors for giving bedding sets as gifts, but it's not impossible. Since crib bedding is a personal choice and a big part of the new baby's decor, you might want to consider speaking with the family and letting them know your intentions. There will be colors to think about as well as anything that's already been purchased for the room to consider.

Construction crib bedding sets for boys is an excellent choice. Construction is the epitome of little boys, who are born with a need to know how to build things and find out things work. Little boys are fascinated with tractors and excavators. Bright colors are also good for a baby. Bright colors are proven to stimulate children's developing brain.

You will also need to check with the parents to see what type of crib has been purchased. Some colors go best with certain finished cribs. Also, others will convert to toddler beds, daybeds or full size beds and you will want to coordinate the bedding set to make the overall theme of the room.

Do the parents of the baby have a preference in material used in the baby's bedding? More and more parents are choosing to go with an organic cotton blend for their newborns room. Even though organic fabrics are available, you might be limited with your choices.

Construction crib bedding sets for boys can come in anything from a cartoon look to a real-life appearance. Ultimately, what kind of set you give the newborn will be up to your personal taste. Also consider the fact that many bedding sets come in different numbers. Some include the bumper, curtains, sheets, bed skirt, comforter and diaper holder. Others are small sets that only include three items such as the sheet, comforter and bumper. The more in a set, the more it will cost you, so budget is another factor to consider.

Some construction themed sets will come in a patchwork quilt look or an applique look. You'll need to check to see if there are more accessories that can be matched with the bedding you provide. Some people want matching mobiles, curtains, toys, and pillows.

A construction crib bedding set is an excellent gift to be given for a newborn and something special for the baby and parents to always remember you by.

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Baby Crib Bedding Top 10 Questions and Answers

One thing that all parents will buy for their newborn is a crib bedding set, because the crib is where your baby will spend most of her time. Sometimes deciding on the baby bedding can be challenging because there's lots to consider such as: design, colors, fabric, items in the set and more. To ease this process you'll find answers to the top 10 questions new parents have about selecting baby bedding.

Standard Questions & Answers about Baby Bedding

Question #1: Why is it important to get higher quality baby bedding?

Your baby will become the center of your universe, the apple of your eye, your Everything! So, with that in mind, does it make sense to lay her to sleep on stiff bedding that will give her a mediocre comfort level in her crib? Absolutely Not! Your baby deserves optimal comfort in the crib since that's where she'll be for many hours of her day. Also, your bundle of joy has new skin which is very delicate. If you choose cheap baby bedding then she may be uncomfortable, which means more crankiness in the crib, more waking up throughout the night, resulting in You having to wake up through the night too. Now I'm sure you're starting to see why quality baby bedding is so important! It's a win/win for your baby and you.

Question #2: How can I tell if it's good baby crib bedding?

When looking for good baby bedding make sure to get a set with soft and machine washable fabrics and flame-retardant materials. Also, make sure that the bedding set is made for the crib and not for a bigger bed. That's important for your baby's safety. Buy new bedding. If bedding has been used there could be tears that create possible hazards for your baby. When you find a baby bedding set that you like, get at least 2 sets because babies tend to spit up and have leaky diapers more than you expect and need a bedding change often, so have extra sheets and blankets on hand when those baby messes occur.

Question #3: Is there a difference between organic crib bedding and hypoallergenic baby bedding?

Absolutely! Just because a crib bedding set is labeled as organic, doesn't mean that it's also hypoallergenic and that goes both ways. If a bedding set is labeled Organic, that means that the fabric and process in which is was made meets regulations set by the Organic Trade Association and that the fabric is chemical free and processed under strict regulations including non-toxic handling, dying and production procedures. Always double check that the bedding has the organic certification to ensure that it's really organically made.

If baby bedding is labeled hypoallergenic that means that it's designed to lessen the chance of your baby having an allergic reaction to the materials. It refers to fabric that is made to keep allergens away from your baby, but there's not a 100% guarantee that your baby won't have allergies when sleeping on hypoallergenic bedding

Question #4: Is organic baby bedding a must-have for my child's crib?

No. There are many other types of crib bedding sets that are baby-safe, but not certified organic. Natural fibers such as 100% cotton or wool aren't labeled organic, but they're very safe for your baby and also quite cozy on delicate skin and they tend to be naturally organic and hypoallergenic, as well. The only time I'd say that organic or hypoallergenic baby bedding is a must-have is if your baby has extra sensitive skin.

Question #5: Who makes organic baby bedding sets and hypoallergenic crib bedding sets?

The following brands make organic baby bedding: Summer Infant, Nojo Organic, American Baby, Argington, Tad Poles and Pixel Organics. The following brands make hypoallergenic baby bedding: Silhouette, The Baby Natura and BambooBaby.

Question #6: What's the hype about crib bedding thread count?

Basically a higher thread count generally means softer fabric, but this can vary from brand to brand. Just because one bedding has a thread count of 300 and another has a thread count of 200 doesn't mean that the 200 is necessarily that much stiffer. It depends on how the fabric was woven and other processes that went into the making of the bedding set. You might want to stop by a store and feel some different bedding with varied thread counts and then go online and choose bedding that is in the softer thread count range.

Question #7: Does the crib bedding set I get have to be one made for my baby's exact crib model?

No, it's fine to buy standard crib bedding as long as it matches your baby's crib dimensions. If you have a standard size crib then getting regular crib bedding should fit, but if you're not sure then make sure to get that measuring tape out before getting the crib bedding set.

Questions & Answers about Crib Bedding Safety

Question #8: Are crib bumpers safe?

This is debatable and I recommend that you do some research on the subject before getting a bumper set for your baby's crib. Some parenting groups are stating that crib bumpers can pose a risk factor in the crib that can possibly lead to (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in tiny babies. Do the research, learn the facts and decide for yourself.

Question #9: Is it ok to use a blanket in the crib when my baby is little?

The general rule of thumb is that you should avoid using heavy bedding in the crib until your baby is big enough to turn himself over. Heavy blankets pose a suffocation risk to small babies. If it's winter time and you want to make sure your baby stays warm, then consider getting a sleepsack or footed nightwear that will cover your precious angel like a blanket, but won't ride up over his head.

Question #10: Should I get loose or tight fitting baby bedding?

The answer is always tight! Make sure that the fitted sheet fits snug around the mattress and take extra time to tuck the top sheet in when your baby is ready for bed. Make sure that the top sheet is at your baby's chest level and not long enough so that your baby can pull the sheet up over his head.

by : Kim M. Proulx

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Choose a Crib Mattress That is Safe and Pthalate Free

When choosing a crib mattress for your baby, safety must be your priority. A safe baby mattress will be extra firm that will provide proper support. It will fit tightly inside the crib, and should be adjusted to a height that depends on baby size and mobility. The inner components of the mattress should be composed of high quality materials. A safe crib mattress will not contain any traces of pthalates or other harmful chemical agents.

Choosing a crib mattress for your baby’s nursery should not be a lax decision. There are several things you should look for in a baby mattress to keep your little one safe. The crib mattress that you choose for your baby should be extra firm and conform to specific size specifications. You should also be familiar with the necessary mattress height adjustments as your infant grows. Quality cannot be overlooked. Especially with the known presence of toxic chemicals known as phthalates in many traditional crib mattresses. Arm yourself with this knowledge, prior to shopping around for the right mattress for your priceless baby.

To avoid entrapment or suffocation it is critical that the baby mattress fits snugly inside the crib. You should not be able to fit more than one finger between the side of the mattress and the crib/rails. I also recommend that you go with a standard size baby mattress. It should measure 51 5/8” by 27 1/4” and should not be more than 6” in thickness. Please make sure you measure the mattress yourself before placing it inside the crib. This is because manufacturer labels are not 100% error proof. This was the case with the 20,000 Simmons mattresses that were recalled in June 2008. A safe baby mattress should not only fit tightly inside the crib, but it must also provide adequate support.

Choose a crib mattress that is firm and uniform throughout. A sturdy interior support system will prevent the mattress from sagging. This will keep the fitted sheets tight and loose areas (suffocation hazard) will not be created. You may quickly test the firmness by squeezing from both sides in the middle. A firm mattress will quickly snap back once you let go and will not conform to the shape of your hand. However, an extra firm baby mattress may still become a springboard for a possible accident, if it’s placed to high inside the baby crib.

The mattress height is adjustable to several different levels in most cribs on the market today. This is a safety feature that must be used once your baby becomes more mobile. Once your baby is able to stand, I recommend lowering the mattress to the lowest level. This will prevent your little one from climbing out. However, if your baby is constantly attempting to climb out (or is taller than the sidebar), then the crib and mattress are no longer safe. However, during that critical first year of development, I recommend investing in a quality crib mattress.

Since your baby will spend the majority of the first year on the mattress, avoid buying a cheap mattress that sells under $80. Cheap mattresses are not very durable and in my opinion, simply not safe enough. While a good quality baby mattress will be made of high quality materials, and as a result expect to pay more.

In my opinion, the best crib mattresses on the market are those that are made of 100% certified organic materials. These mattresses are not chemically treated during the manufacturing process, and therefore will not leach harmful chemicals like phthalates.

Phthalates are a group of chemicals that are potentially toxic. They are considered more harmful for infants since they are still developing and growing. Studies on phthalates indicate they may cause an increased risk of asthma, allergies, and disrupt the reproductive development of babies.

Phthalates have been added to traditional baby mattresses for decades. Mattress manufacturers have been adding phthalates to PVC plastics in order to create a flexible and soft waterproof vinyl cover for baby mattresses. The hazard is created when phthalates often leach or gas out from the plastic mattress covers into the surrounding air.

Babies may spend at least 10 hours on their crib mattress every single day. This may continue for at least the first two years of a baby’s life, which are also the critical stages for healthy development. Considering how close a baby will sleep to the mattress cover, combined with duration, the potential for high exposure to phthalates is great.

In 2004, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) informed baby mattress manufacturers that they have the option of voluntarily eliminating phthalates from their mattresses. However, these companies did not listen. Since the removal of phthalates from their mattresses, would have resulted in a very hard and unusable sleeping surface.

Just recently, on February 10, 2009 the CPSC came up with new guidelines. These guidelines were created to minimize the use of six types of major phthalates (over 0.1%) in the production of mattresses for babies. In my opinion, these guidelines are simply not good enough. Especially since the CPSC has not completely prohibited phthalates in baby mattress production. But they certainly should, since scientific studies have proven the toxicity of these chemicals. One of my main concerns is whether manufacturers will actually follow these guidelines and how well will they be enforced.

My advice for parents is not to wait around for mattress manufacturers to change their production habits. I recommend they avoid investing in any mattress that may contain even slight traces of phthalates. The risks are considerable. The only viable solution that I can think of is to invest in a 100% certified Organic crib mattress. Organic mattresses are produced without the addition of harmful chemical additives or toxins.

Phthalates should be banned from all baby products. The well-being of our newborn babies should not be compromised due to convenience or old manufacturing practices. Instead of ignoring the issue at hand, companies should do everything they possibly can to find a safe replacement for phthalates in the production of baby mattresses. Our precious babies cannot afford to be exposed to these toxic chemicals, especially when they are so vulnerable while peacefully sleeping on their crib mattress.

A safe baby mattress is just one of the many necessary components for your baby’s nursery. I strongly believe that safety should take precedence over style or design. So please invest in a high quality and safe crib mattress first. The furniture and nursery design should be secondaryScience Articles, since it won‘t affect your baby‘s well being.

by : Martin Dejnicki

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Baby Shower Idea - Animal Antics On African Safari Crib Bedding At Baby Shower

A baby shower idea that can lead to heart-stopping, imaginary adventures in the African Bush is a set of African Safari baby crib bedding. Imagine how much fun a mom-to-be and her precious baby is going to have exploring all the animal antics brought to life on innovative African Safari baby crib bedding fabrics. It is a worthwhile baby shower idea to team up with a few friends and give a really useful set of baby crib bedding or cot bed bedding.
Equipping a nursery with anything from Bellini baby furniture to Dutailier glider rockers, is an expensive venture. Helping out with a crib bedding set, chosen to coordinate with the baby furniture, will be a much appreciated baby shower idea. If you do a bit of homework, you should know what type of baby nursery theme the parents would enjoy, as well as the color scheme they have in mind.
Wendy Bellissimo Introduces Baby To The Wonders Of The Animal Kingdom
Wendy Bellissimo Petite Safari baby crib bedding is a popular baby shower idea, as she understands the knack of bringing the animal kingdom to life in a colorful way. This baby shower idea would be a welcome change from the over commercialized, very frilly babyish themes sometimes dominating this market.
The Glenna Jean African Safari baby crib bedding set can also be used when planning your baby shower idea, although the colors are more muted and perhaps not the best choice for stimulating a baby. Glenna Jean African Safari crib bedding includes a printed quilt with a sage green border, and is finished in red gingham piping. A cream chenille crib bumper, fitted sheet and dust ruffle completes the set.
If you combine your resources with friends in planning your baby shower idea, you may be able to add accessories such as the window shade, a valance with a palm tree and leopard print, the diaper stacker and the adorable musical mobile with soft elephants and other animal characters.
Also in the running for featuring in an African Safari bedding baby shower idea, is the Kidsline Zanzibar crib bedding set. This 6-piece cot bedding set is enchanting for either a little boy or a little girl. It steers clear of the more common pink or blue baby stuff. The animal antics of this baby shower idea takes place against a backdrop of beige and green. The set has a tranquil, yet warm feel.
The set includes the usual crib bumper, a luxurious quilt, the fitted sheet, a crib skirt, the valance and the diaper stacker. Sensory stimulation has been kept in mind during manufacturing, and a variety of fabric textures have been incorporated in the design. The Kidsline Zanzibar nightlight will become a much used accessory when scary night-time monsters start to make their appearance...
Another African Safari bedding baby shower idea comes from Brandee Danielle. Her On Safari bedding set features a cozy quilt, a soft crib bumper, fitted sheet and crib skirt. Your friends can opt for the hamper, extra fluffy pillows, a lamp shade, a cute mobile, the window valance, or a colorful On Safari wall hanging.
Baby Shower Idea Leads To Monkey Business
Who knew monkeys could be purple and yellow? The Monkey See, Monkey Do baby crib bedding set is another African Safari baby shower idea. This set by Anna Claire Crib Bedding includes a baby quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, and sheet. The bedding set is machine washable. The characters are lovable, vibrant, and lively. Any infant will fall in love these adorable animal friends.
Also take a look at the Kidsline Swazi African Safari baby crib bedding set while weighing your baby shower idea options. This line features colorful, charming characters.
Why not make it an authentic African Safari baby shower theme, with cuddly animal toys as extra baby shower gifts? Use lively African Safari images on the free baby shower invitations. Scour the internet for baby shower games and favors with an African theme.
Just remember: with all these animals let loose in the baby nursery, your African Safari baby shower idea will probably sentence your friend to raising a spirited young adventurer...

What precisely is a convertible crib? And methods to prepare it on your baby

A convertible crib is simply as it sounds, a crib that converts. It starts as a crib then can be become any combination of a Toddler Mattress or Day Bed, Twin, Full, and/or Queen Bed. Grownup meeting is required, but it is pretty easy.

Certainly one of our favourite sorts of convertible cribs are Mini Cribs. These cribs are a bit of smaller than a full-sized crib, however will still final your youngster well into the toddler years. What is admittedly cool about these is that some of these cribs will convert from a crib right into a twin or full sized headboard and footboard, which is perfect for families who need to use a twin mattress before a full bed. You’ll use the back and front panels of the crib as the pinnacle and footboard and safe them along with either picket bedrails or a steel bed frame relying on what’s available to your kind of crib. Bedrails and mattress frames are often sold separately. Additionally, you will must purchase a twin or full measurement mattress for the conversion. In case you buy the conversion kit whenever you purchase the crib the conversion process must be a snap.

Some producers label their convertible cribs as 2-in-1, 3-in-1, or 4-in-1 convertible cribs. This can be confusing as a result of there isn't any customary numbering system, so we advocate you read the crib description closely to find out the kind(s) of conversions which are applicable to the crib and what additional components for the conversion have to be purchased separately.

As your cutie pie blooms into an impartial little one, a full/double bed conversion possibility is a good way to go. For this conversion you'll use the front and back panels of the crib as the headboard and footboard. You’ll also use the complete mattress rails or a regular full dimension metal mattress body relying on your crib type. You’ll have to buy a full measurement mattress and either full mattress rails or a metal mattress body for this conversion. Let your youngster assist select their new mattress and bedding to make this transition a fun one.

In the daybed conversion possibility you take away the entrance rail of the crib and depart the front of the crib open. This we expect is a superb option for older toddlers, however many individuals also use this as a toddler bed. This feature permits your toddler to enter and exit the mattress easily and still allows you to use the same mattress and bedding as with the crib. Although we feel that using this feature to your toddler is ok, for youthful children there is a risk of falling out of bed and we advocate having a security rail in place.

As your toddler will get extra lively and sufficiently big to flee the crib then it’s time to convert the crib to a toddler bed. This is a simple conversion that requires you to take away the entrance rail or drop-facet of the crib and replace it with a toddler mattress safety rail / guard rail. You should use the identical crib mattress with this conversion. We recommend toddler bed conversions over day bedsFree Reprint Articles, as a result of added safety of the toddler security rail.

by : Tomas

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Benefits of Latex Baby Mattresses

Your baby needs a lot of things in order to feel comfortable and satisfied. You have to remember that they totally depend on you for almost all of the things that they need like food, water, warmth and comfort. You have to be sensitive to the signals that they make for you to know what you need to do for them.

Babies need comfort for them to rest well. They will need pillows, bed covers and crib to rest. One of the most important things that you must provide for your baby is baby mattress. You have to realize that mattresses are used by your babies to sleep and rest well. There are some benefits that your baby and you can get latex mattress.


This kind of mattress is good for the skeletal system of your baby. It can help him support his bones well. Latex mattress is known to be dense and can easily adjust to his body contour. You can use this to support your baby's spinal area to keep it aligned and in good shape. One good advantage of this mattress is that it remains to be comfortable despite the fact that it is firm and dense.


You must know that this mattress will not cause allergies for your baby. It can prevent the occurrence of local irritations in your baby's skin. This mattress is known to be good in preventing mites, bacteria and other microorganisms from harboring in the area.

This mattress is known to be hypoallergenic and is good for the skin of your baby. It can prevent mites to stay and thus will keep your baby from infestations that he can probably get from the traditional mattresses. It can also prevent the growth of the molds due to the fact that this mattress can dry up easily.


Latex materials are known to be dense and firm. Thus, it will be very effective in preventing the occurrence of infant or baby suffocation that commonly occurs among those who use soft mattresses during rest. You have to know that the materials used in making latex mattresses are not harmful. Manufacturers do not put harmful chemicals to the material to keep it safe for everybody.


You have to know that this mattress can last for a long period of time. It is tough enough to withstand tearing and other damages that may occur commonly in ordinary mattresses. This mattress can last for a decade or more for as long as you take good care of it.

In choosing the best mattress for your baby, you have to choose the best one within the price range that you have set. You must remember that your baby is delicate and sensitive to a lot of things. You have to be careful in choosing the things that you want him to use.

by : Anna Holmes

Baby Safety Products - Choosing a Safe Baby Crib

After the joy of finding out they are pregnant, many new parents really have no idea what they will need to purchase prior to the arrival of their baby. Some things are obvious, such as cribs, but there are so many cribs for babies on the market that choosing the safest one for your baby can often be overwhelming. The following are some tips to help you choose the best baby crib for your newborn.

All baby cribs on the market are supposed to meet the minimum government requirements for safety. With that in mind, even cribs that are less expensive should be safe for your baby. Make sure you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer carefully when assembling and using the crib. Also make sure none of the parts or hardware are missing or broken.

A safe baby crib will not have slats that are more than 2 3/8" apart. A soda can is about 2 3/8" in diameter so if it fits in the spaces between the slats, then the slats are too far apart and the crib is unsafe and should not be used.

Design cutouts in the headboard or foot-board of the crib can be no wider than 2 3/8". As with the width between the slats, the reason for keeping design cutouts on the crib under 2 3/8" is because of the danger of a baby lodging himself in spaces wider than 2 3/8". In all honesty, it is better to simply forgo the cutouts and look for a crib with a solid headboard and foot-board

Corner posts on a baby crib are a strangulation hazard and should be no higher than 1/16". The only exception would be posts that are used to support a canopy and those should be at least 16" or higher.

The baby crib mattress should be firm and tight-fitting. One way to determine whether or not the mattress is too small for the crib is to try to fit two side-by-side fingers between the mattress and the crib wall. If your fingers fit, then the mattress is too small and poses a safety hazard. The standard size for crib mattresses is 61 5/8" by 27 ¼" and if you purchase a standard size baby crib, then it should take a standard size mattress.

If you are thinking about a used crib or a hand-me-down, make sure the crib meets all the safety standards of a new crib. You should have all the hardware that originally came with the crib and it should be in good condition. The slats must be in good condition as well and must not be chipped or splintering or loose. If you plan to repaint or refinish the crib, use high-quality paint that is lead free and make sure the crib is made of material that is safe to repaint or refinish.

Buying a new crib that meets the set safety standards is the best way to ensure that you will keep your baby safe. With the choices on the market today and the ability to buy a good, safe baby crib without going way over budget, it makes good sense to buy new.

by : Kristen Tyler

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Convertible Baby Cribs: Why Should You Buy One?

Your new baby is definitely going to need a new crib, right? If you have already started to purchasing one, you must be thinking of buying the best for your child simply because you are a loving parent. The crib is going to be the baby’s furniture for a little while, now that he or she is on the way, or already born, and you cannot make a wrong choice.

The convertible baby crib is the right choice for you. It might be a revelation to any new parent when he or she is trying to settle in for a crib. Convertible cribs are ideal for the fast growing baby. These cribs come at a higher price than ordinary ones because of a few specialties that they possess. Read on to know what are the reasons:

1. Convertible baby cribs last longer than any ordinary crib. They can also be put up as bed for toddlers. So the cribs will have a utility even when the baby is within four years of age. That comes to four years of long-term service to you at minimum. Further, some cribs can be transformed into full size beds for grown-ups. So when your baby is on the threshhold of teens he still can make use of the convertible crib. It can be handy to use for yourself also.

2. It can be used with convenience. The majority of convertible baby cribs possesses a one hand drop and lift side system that facilitates you to keep the baby down without any effort. As per he requirements of the baby, its mattresses can also be kept up or placed down.

3. Convertible baby cribs can perform a number of functions. Many of them have attached with them a drawer below it to keep a small store of baby products. Hence, it enables you to spend not any more on other furniture that you may have needed for your cute little baby.

4. They are also economical. Even for the toddler’s bed or as a bed for an adult, the crib makes use of the same mattress. So it saves your money because you will not need to buy a bed in the coming days with the growth of the baby. Or may be never.

5. The convertible baby cribs are safe. They follow the safety guidelines laid down by the law. It is important to meet the regulations. What is more, some convertible cribs go even beyond the set standards and takes more care to be baby-friendly. And taking care of the baby is the primary factor.

It is important for the baby to get good sleep for its growth. During the day also the infant goes to sleep. Needless to say a safe, economical and comfortable crib would answer the call. A convertible crib is the thing you need for ensuring a happy sleep for your baby.

There is no denying the fact that you will find cheaper and as simple to use baby cribs if you look in the market, but a convertible crib of course has its own advantages that cannot be overlooked. They have a lengthy life span and would be with you for a long time to come.

by: Christine DuPont
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby Crib Furniture for Every Child

Jenny Lind crib comforts are still very much in demand, even though it is more than 150 years since the famous singer, Jenny Lind, gave birth to the legend by sleeping in a bed with turned posts. Crafted by well-known manufacturers, the classic Jenny Lind cribs still feature the same elegant, yester-year posts and legs.

The single drop-side Da Vinci Jenny Lind baby crib is beautifully finished with turned spindles and posts. The company complies with rigid industry safety guidelines. The Jenny Lind crib features robust metal mattress crib springs. Your darling cherub can chew and chomp with gusto on the teething rails.

The Jenny Lind Cradle is of a solid hardwood construction, also featuring the trademark turned posts and spindles. This piece of baby furniture comes with a 1" mattress pad. The locking pin is one of the safety features of the cradle.

Angel Line also features a Jenny Lind Crib in a choice of 6 non-toxic finishes. This graceful crib caters for your growing infant with mattress brackets in four positions.

The Jenny Lind name also lives on in the Million Dollar Baby version of the Jenny Lind Crib. As in all their superbly crafted cribs, the Safety-Glide system is in place for peace of mind. The mattress has four positions, for easy adjustment according to your baby's growth. An optional conversion kit extends the life of the Jenny Lind crib into the toddler years. This baby crib will blend into any nursery, with its choice of 8 finishes, from baby blue or pink, to maple and ebony.

Million Dollar Baby adds to its Jenny Lind Cribs with a delightful Jenny Lind changing table. A safety belt has been added as a precaution. A 1" comfort pad completes the changing table.

Also blending in with your Jenny Lind Crib, is the Jenny Lind cradle in the same 8 finishes. The range can be further extended by adding the Jenny Lind High Chair, with the customary turned spindles. This classic design features a slide-in wooden tray. The 3 point safety belt ensures secure comfort during mealtimes.

Once you have a Jenny Lind crib in place, you can add accessories such as a wedge for better management of infant acid reflux, or baby bedding sets such as the Brandee Danielle Baby Bedding range, a Jenny Lind dresser, and all the other paraphernalia that belongs in the nursery to make your life easier. Pottery Barn Kids offer a wide selection of additional baby furniture items, baby bedding sets, and storage solutions.

Before being tucked in for a cozy nap in the Jenny Lind Crib, your baby can spend some quiet bonding time with you in a stylish Jenny Lind rocker. This is the time for story reading, and dreaming dreams...

Who knows, perhaps your little nightingale will absorb some of Jenny Lind's legendary talent, while spending so many hours nestled under Brandee Danielle baby bedding, in a Jenny Lind crib.

by: Anita Eracybab

Great Ideas For Baby Boy Crib Bedding

Knowing that another ‘man’ will arrive soon to your house is exciting but it will be more exciting in decorating his soon-to-be-nursery. If you haven’t started any in decorating yet, then it could be more fun and exciting to come up with an idea to have the bedding a theme. Just in case you still don’t have any ideas, then you can find some of these suggestions for baby boy crib bedding sets as helpful ideas.

There are things to consider before you purchase a baby boy’s crib bedding. If you’ll choose a 3-in-1 crib for your baby boy, then its the same bedding that will be used for a couple of years. A very flowery and frilly bedding set might look great for new borns, but as soon as he grows up, it may not look appropriate with his age especially when he reached the age of two or three years. So, it is best to buy an advanced theme for your son.

Check out some of these ideas that may help you when buying your baby boy’s crib bedding.

Get Big Strong Colors

Boys like bold colors, so getting a big, strong color theme will be more manly. Strong color themes can look very chic but it doesn’t mean that it should be loud and flashy. Check Adam's All American by Bebe Chic. The brand has strong greys, browns, reds and they all look beautiful. You can also try their Baby Boy Blue crib bedding, it has shades of dark browns mid-blues.

Get Wild

We all know that children are fond of animals. Girls used to like small and cute animals such as lambs and rabbits while boys go for big wild animals such as lions and elephants. The Baby Safari by Kimberly Grant will get your little boy wild with its safari theme. This crib bedding set comes with cute zebras, monkeys and lions decorative designs. It also has a patchwork quilt in browns, beiges, soft greens and pale blues to complete the theme.

Get Into Wild,Wild West

Being a cowboy is what every boy’s dream. The Bronco Billy by Bebe Chic is available with Old West Red and Star Power Natural combination. This baby boy crib bedding set has topstitched denim ties design. The bedding comes with a cozy Denim sheet that lays over a Wesley Plaid pleated dust ruffle and a large star blanket that compliments its cowboy look.

Get Buck-A-Roo

This is also another cowboy themed crib set but the difference is the inspiration from cowboys is being in the ranch. You will find horses and wagon trains that will surround your little cowboy. It has reversible brown faux leather bumper that gives an added rugged look to your little cowboy.

Get All-Stars

If daddy is fond of sports, then your little boy might get into sports too. The Baby All Stars by Sumersault crib bedding offers designs inspired by a budding football, soccer and basketball start that make your little boy dream of glory on the field. Its quilt has lots of hand stitched sports memorabilia detail and designs. The whole collection comes together with soothing earth colors.

Get To School

The Alphabet Soup crib bedding set by Cocalo offers shades of red faux suede, red and orange plaids, light blue chenille, blue polka dots, green twill, ivory corduroy and fun multi-color stripes. The felt and embroidered appliques, that come together with the quilt and accessories, has whimsical animals, letters and numbers to inspire your baby boy a happy learning habbit through this collection.

There are still many other baby boy crib bedding ideas available out there, you can use your imagination to create one. You can have your own theme of your choice as there are more designs available today than before.

by: Haden Kaliso

Best Advice About Portable Baby Crib Bedding Sets

The Facts about Portable & Mini Crib Bedding

Are you perplexed about the differences between a mini and portable crib? Portable Cribs are lightweight cribs that can be folded and stored easily. They are ordinarily made with fabric and steel with carrying bags and some even have diaper changer attachments. They are ideal for travel to grandma's house, using as a play area or as an alternate bed in your room before transferring your baby to the nursery full time.

A mini crib is simply a smaller sized version of a regular crib that takes up less floor space in a baby's room. Many mini cribs are portable to move to dissimilar rooms and can be folded for easy storage.

How can I find portable or mini crib bedding that fits?

Baby crib bedding comes in all sizes and patterns. When searching for mini or portable crib bedding be sure what you choose bedding that fits snugly onto the mattress. Bedding that is loose fitting can cause a safety and security hazard and should NEVER be used. It is very important that you don't use standard crib sheets in a mini or portable crib because they do not fit properly and can bunch up around your sleeping baby. To ensure you find the best bedding for your crib go to online stores that give you bedding recommendations for your precise portable or mini crib. If there isn't a recommendation then be sure to measure the mattress thoroughly and find the sheet dimensions before buying.

What comes in a portable or mini baby crib bedding set?

A baby crib bedding set comes with items such as comforter, bumper, fitted sheet and sometimes with other accessories as well. (Some associations recommend parents not use the bumper pad in the crib and it's suggested to sustain from using a heavy comforter until the baby is older.) You can always buy the set and then get excess sheets for back up spills or messes or just buy everything separate and get only the things you believe you will need.

What is the best crib sheet fabric?

If you want a natural and breathable sleep surface for your baby then you'll want to consider getting bedding that's made of 100% cotton. Cotton fabric is also easy to clean and comfortable for your baby as well. The natural cotton sheets keep moisture like sweat or temperature changes in the room from building up around your baby's skin.

What is the price range for mini or portable baby crib bedding sets?

If you go down the separates route you can get sheets and other items for around $10 - $40. For the entire baby crib bedding set you can expect to pay from $45 - $130. As with any product, there are many brands at several different prices ranges to ensure you get what you need on your budget.

Portable and Mini Crib Safety Tips

*Plan a monthly inspection on your crib to check out the mesh fabric for holes and also check for any loose hardware.

*Use the crib mattress that comes with your item or only get one that is specifically made for that crib style. Never buy one thicker than the one it comes with.

*To make your baby's bed totally baby proofed, never use extra cushioning on top of the mattress.

*If you have a portable or mini crib that folds down, always double check that every latch and joint is set up and stable before putting your baby in it.

*Be sure your crib bedding fits snugly and firmly, so that it doesn't pull up onto the mattress when in use.

*Never leave heavy crib bedding, pillows and stuffed animals with your baby in the crib.

by : Kim M. Proulx

Baby Crib Sets

Baby crib sets can be purchased from several manufacturers who hire dozens of designers to make the styles unique and pricey. There are several brands on the market, but before purchasing one you need to know what fabric is used and whether or not it meets the US Safety Commission's Standards for safety.

Most sets come with a set of sheets - fitted and flat, a comforter, pillow, sham and crib bumpers. For safety reasons, it is recommended that a baby sleep in a crib that has a fitted sheet and that's about it. Rather than put a blanket over a newborn, it is often suggested that they sleep in a zipped pajama bag.

However, a crib can be dressed up when the baby is not in it and there are four top brands that parents seem to find the most suitable and cost effective. Brandee Danielle, Glenna Jean, Kidsline and Lambs & Ivy all have a unique style and are made of quality materials offered at reasonable prices. Brandee Danielle creates classic and durable baby crib sets that will last from one generation to the next. Glenna Jean uses premium fabrics to create beautiful hand-patched baby crib sets, and you can purchase the fabric separately to make your own baby curtains and other accessories. Kidsline is extremely popular and is found in most national chain stores and many list it on baby shower registries. Kidsline not only makes baby crib sets, but they also offer accessories like mobiles, blankets, wall borders, drapes, wall art, lamps and shades, and more. Lambs & Ivy is also a popular brand that is sold nationwide. The baby crib sets they manufacturer are made from 100% cotton or cotton/polyester bland fabrics, are machine washable and come in very bright, cherry colors.

by : Alison Cole

Designer Crib Bedding For Your Baby

Having a baby is one of the most natural and exciting things to happen to a family. Many people feel that their family is not complete without children of their own and the nine months from conception to birth is filled with enthusiasm and preparation.

One of the most exciting parts of the process for parents-to-be is the creation of a nursery for the newcomer. Babies obviously require a large amount of specific equipment, such as changing mats, clothes, toys and a crib. Preparing the nursery so that everything they need is available when they come home makes the impending arrival more real for the household. Choosing the color, style and overall look of the room depends largely on the personalities of the parents but many opt for designer items to ensure that they are of high standards and do the job they were made to do well, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing.

One area which can really alter the overall look of the room is the crib itself and the bedding within. For the first few years, the crib will be the dominating piece of furniture in the room and every visitor to the home will at some point peer in at the newborn as they sleep in their crib. The baby will spend a large proportion of its time sleeping for the first weeks and months so it makes sense to ensure that this is one area which the parents are particularly happy with.

Celebrities are renowned for using the best products and manufacturers for their babies. This endorsement, whether paid or not, brings certain products to the forefront of the public’s mind and many parents feel that if it is good enough for a film star, it is good enough for them and their baby. Finding the products to buy can be a different matter though, particularly if you do not live in or near to a large city. However, the Internet has made it much easier to find whatever product you are looking for and to have it shipped directly to your home.

One website I have found which specialises in designer baby-wear, furniture and bedding is found at This site allows you to shop by designer if you wish so that you can easily locate a specific product if you know who made it. Alternatively, you can browse the site by product. Everything you will need for your baby and nursery is available to buy in one place and every product has a photograph to allow you to see it before you buy it.

The crib bedding section has every color and pattern imaginable for your baby. You can view the products by gender of the baby or you all at a time. As I mentioned earlier, this is possibly one of the most important purchases you will make for your child’s nursery as it will be seen and used with such regularity. Once you have selected the bedding you require you can then shop by the designer if you wish to decorate the whole room with the same label, or you can choose additional products which will complement the look you have chosen.

by: Susan Green

Helpful Reminders When Buying a Baby Crib Bedding Set

New parents are often lack of knowledge and experience especially when buying a baby crib bedding set that is right for their infant. It’s not easy to decide whether the crib bedding set would be perfect for the infant’s needs or not as there are wide options to choose from. Always consider the most important thing when buying, it’s the fact that not only the looks count but it should be worth your hard-earned money at least. Aside from it’s appearance, make sure that the baby crib bedding set that you will buy will offer more advantages to your baby because he or she will be using it for the first few years of his or her life.

You will find baby crib bedding sets, that often comes with baby items and necessities, available in most retails stores in your place. You can also find affordable yet high quality items in retail places such as Walmart or Sears near you. There you can decide which items are important and worth to buy that will fit your budget. Mostly, you can find the best offer that you will need for your baby in such places, at affordable prices. You can also compare items before buying and decide which of these items offer its best purpose. If you find that none of these items meet your needs and liking, you can also try checking other department stores near you. Although you may find that they offer items with prices a little bit higher than those retail places, it’s more possible for you to find items that you will prefer the most from these stores.

It is not necessary to buy expensive baby items in order to meet your baby’s needs, as long as it depends on your own preferences and reasonable to buy. Branded items are known to be more expensive than others, might as well, the most important is the quality of the items that you will get for your baby. Of course, aesthetic value will be great but not as always if it will compromise quality or even the safety of your child. Baby items that are more functional should be given more preference than those items that only gives additional decoration. Baby items such as baby crib bedding sets, cribs, mattresses come with their own importance of giving your little one’s a care so it’s best for you to consider the necessary things before buying because we all don’t want to compromise our child’s safety.

By: Haden Kaliso

Baby Cribs - Safety Is Key

You have just learned that you are expecting a baby. Even if you have other children, you must take a look at cribs. Is the crib you already have an antique? You should look carefully at your second hand crib whether it is an antique or not.

The safety of your new baby makes this necessary. The screws and/or other fasteners such as bolts must be in place and not loose. It is of the utmost importance that this is tested before you place your baby in the crib.

Take something that is almost equal to your 4-month-old baby's weight. In order to be certain that it will hold its position bounce it off the mattress. If it doesn't your baby could be hurt seriously or worse. When you set up your nursery, if it isn't set-up already, seriously consider where you will place your crib.

If you have to place the crib near a window with Venetian blinds, you can either shorten the cords or anchor them to prevent your baby from reaching and getting hold of them. Avoid, if possible placing the crib near the window. As your baby grows into a toddler and begins to climb out of the crib, s/he could become seriously injured in a fall.

Blankets are not necessarily a good idea to use with your baby. Be sure that you avoid anything that could put your baby at risk, especially in the light of SIDS incidents today. The most advisable way to put your baby to bed is in a blanket sleeper.

Make sure to tuck the blanket tightly around and under the foot of the mattress with you baby's feet touching the footboard if you must have a blanket on your baby. You also want to help prevent your baby from sliding under the blanket and suffocating by not putting the blanket any higher than his chest.

There is a risk of your baby slipping between the mattress and the bumper pads causing suffocation, if bumper pads, which are a great concept, are not secured properly. Bumper pads if used should be fastened in each of the four corners and evenly spaced on each of the two sides. There should be sixteen ties in all, eight for the top and eight for the bottom.

Although mobiles are nice additions you need to take a precaution to prevent your baby from getting entangled in it. It must be removed when your baby starts sitting up by himself. You must also check to see if there are small parts that are removable that your baby could choke on.

No matter is your crib is second hand or one you had for a previous child, or you got it from someone else, the mattress must by checked out carefully. The mattress covering should be checked for any holes or cracks.

The mattress must fit in the crib properly. Your baby could slip between the mattress and side or end bars and suffocate if you are not careful. The mattress should be snug in the crib. The sheets you use in your baby crib should fit properly and not slip and slide.

There are sheet hooks available that attach to the sheet under the mattress and keep it in place. Placing the mattress in the proper position is extremely important to your baby's safety. When the baby comes home most parents put the mattress in the highest position because it is easier to reach the baby and change him.

Lower the mattress according to the growth and activity of your baby. If your baby can come to a standing position in the crib the mattress should be put in the lowest position and to add to his safety you should measure the distance between the mattress and the top of the sidebar.

There should be no more than 26 inches from the top of the side bar to the mattress when it is in the lowest position. Moving your child to a regular bed might be a good idea if your child is climbing out of the crib or his head is above the side bar.

There are convertible cribs that become beds and grow with your child. Inspect your child's crib to be sure there is nothing that will put your baby at risk. The ornate designs carved into the end boards of cribs are beautiful but could pose a hazard to your child. Have you seen them?

Your child could be injured if his head, arm, or leg get caught in them and possibly sustain an injury. A simpler design may increase your child's safety. Safety guidelines from 1974 for cribs state that slats should be no more than 2 and 3/8th inches apart; to keep your baby from getting his head caught between the slats.

Your baby's safety could be compromised if getting stuck caused him injury and necessitating the removal of some slats.

By : Martin Smith